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Money of American Natives

From Wampum to Webmoney

Hal Finney's co-invention reaches $7000                2017-Nov-20


Since we're all rich with bitcoins... we ought to put some of this unearned wealth to good use - Hal Finney -
California Institute of Technology, Engineering 1979

Who is in charge of Bitcoin?   Andreas Antonopoulos answers at  17:30:

It is based on an open access participatory model of market based economic competition through risk and reward strategies based on game theoretical outcomes that ensure collaborative participation by multiple participants without anyone having the ability to cheat due to a system of emergent consensus based on mathematical rules and strong cryptography

Bitcoin ATM in Washington DC

The Diner  - 18th Street, Washington, DC

10 Reasons Bitcoin Price will Destroy All Time Highs in 2017

World Beyond War Conference      2017-Sep-25

At the World Beyond War peace conference at the American University Center in Washington DC, the Association for Digital Currency enjoyed the honor of introducing Coleen Rowley (retired FBI), Ray McGovern (retired CIA), David Swanson (Conference organizer), Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), Bruce Trautman (Veterans For Peace), and other intrepid peace activists to Bitcoin and digital currency. We offered some BTC to Dr. Jill Stein (MD, Harvard, Green Party), who said she will ask her campaign finance manager to check on it, and contact me. We showed how Coinbase and a Trezor device works and got 53 people started.

Traits of Money

Money is a Score Board

Money is a score keeping system to track the goods and services we give to and receive from other people.
A score board does not have to be made of gold or have an intrinsic value.
It must be mathematically accurate, and not able to be manipulated by any players.
Bitcoin and digital currency provide this function, on a level playing field.


Bitcoin reaches new high - $4738!    August 31, 2017

The History of Money

How much money is physical vs. digital?

Monty Guild  says "Digital Currency is here to stay"

Bitcoin reaches $3000 (briefly), Ethereum tops $300, and LiteCoin tops $30       2017-06-10

Qualities of Creative Intelligence

We could discuss why Bitcoin and Ethereum have enjoyed such support of natural law. Sustainable digital currency embodies the Qualities of Creative Intelligence.  password: mantra

Decentralized systems are how nature organizes things. - Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Tops Gold for its basic unit

Top Bitcoin Millionaires

Roger Ver's $100k debate challenge

Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine

interview with Brian Singer of William Blair Investment Management WBIM.
How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty

Bloomberg: Where Smart Money Is Betting In Tech
Tim Draper, Draper University

How to replace burnt PCI-e cable connectors

Keep a fan on your miners especially in the warm weather.
Or the PCIe adapters and power wires may start to get toasted.
You can replace them with SATA-to-PCIe adapters
Result of experiments

United Way and other charities accept Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?   What are the stages?

Great power supply for the Bitmain Antminer

Dell now accepts Bitcoin

Patrick M. Byrne (PhD Stanford, MA Cambridge, BA Dartmouth),
the CEO of the online super store spoke at the
Bitcoin 2014 Conference in Amsterdam Holland.

Dish Network

First bill from Fairfield Iowa paid to Dish Network with Bitcoin.

New York Times:  Dish Network to accept Bitcoin - the largest company to do so
Wall Street Journal:
ABC News

Draper University  in San Mateo, California
June 11, 2013

King's College in New York City is the first university in the USA to accept Bitcoins.

Here is an article about King's College in the New York Times

Wal-mart is now selling devices to mine Bitcoin digital currency.

Unfortunately Wal-mart's miner is a slow piece of junk.
It is only 10 GigaHash/second with ancient 65 nm chips.
Are they kidding?   It would  take a year to pay for itself.

It is much better to get a 180 GH/s miner for a lower price.
from Association for Digital Currency certified vendors.
However, we do applaud Wal-mart for being forward thinking.

What Miner Speed does the ADC Recommend?

We recommend the Bitmain Antminer S3, a 480 GigaHash per second
Bitcoin miner for $500, plus $50 power supply which pays itself off at $5/day
in about 110 days, assuming the current BTC price of about $600.

GigaHash means billions of hashes per second, necessary for the Bitcoin network.
A "hash", like a variety of foods, includes a variety of calculations and functions.

What do Bitcoin Mining Machines Do to Earn Money?

The Bitcoin mining machines are Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) which perform a variety tasks automatically:

* Keeps the Bitcoin network lively on the world wide web
* Helps maintain majority rule of the valid programming code
* Process transactions - buying and selling of products & services
* Makes sure buyer and seller have legitimate 34 character codes
* Prevents duplicate spending of Bitcoin simultaneously
* Compressing and archiving the public transaction ledger
* Creates new coins on a timed schedule towards a max of 21 million
* Encrypts and decrypts transaction transmissions
* Prevents hackers, checks for unauthorized changes to the block chain
* Prevents overspending of accounts - impossible for BTC to bounce
* Sends receipts to buyers and sellers of the Bitcoin transaction.
* All the owner needs to know: the green light blinks as BTC is earned.

The Bitcoin network is programmed to reward miners with fractions of Bitcoins, in proportion to the work done by each machine.

Largest Bitcoin mining operation in America

Dave Carlson, and the largest Bitcoin mining farm in America, generating $8 million in new coins per month, plus earning a percentage from transaction, through processing fees. His farm is in the state of Washington, which has the lowest electricity costs from the gravity driven Grand Coulee Dam.

Bitcoin can be easily translated into US$ Dollars through exchanges such as BTC-U$D ATM machines, and local exchanges.  His farm uses 1.4 MegaWatts of electricity/month.

To get started with mining, we suggest the Bitmain Antminer S3

Carslon has even more miners since the broadcast.

Bitcoin embassy

U.S. Congressman Jared Polis (Democrat, Colorado) is the first to accept Bitcoins for campaign contributions.

Republican candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives, Jeff Shipley, accepts digital currency for his campaign.

BTC:  16xtN7ZRArdrKEXKABFb2vNFMa8HDjK65a  (Bitcoin)
BRM: HND8TDgotSL1uAkk2ooRue3od1RVMgbh51  (BitRaam)

University of Nicosia in Cyprus 

The first accredited, brick and mortar, building-based university to accept Bitcoins for tuition, and to offer degrees in Digital Currency.  - University of Nicosia, Cyprus   - Masters Degree in Digital Currency
Infrastructure - buildings
Our premises
Degree overview
Semester breakdown
Program coordinator
Faculty profiles
8500 students at multiple campuses
Dr. Christos Vlachos, CFO of Nicosia, on RT's Max Keiser Show

University of Cumbria
United Kingdom

The world's first university to accept Bitcoins for tuition

Certificate course in Sustainable Exchange

Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS)

Course fees can be paid with Bitcoin. the online super store now accepts Bitcoins for payment for various items. accepts Bitcoins for:




1-800-CheapAir accepts Bitcoins

Computer hardware and electronics

Bitcoin ATM machine on Capitol Hill

Coin Validation - to sanitize Bitcoin

Anonymize your Bitcoin transactions with Bitcoin Fog Company

How many possible Bitcoin addresses are there?

A sample Bitcoin address is 19XsRPPHNiTaMZwMj1f9acycA1XznDsrbV.

There are upper letters, A through Z, except for O which looks too much like a 0 (zero), and I that looks like a 1, so that is 24 characters.
Then there are lower case a - z, except for l (el) which looks too much like a 1, so that is 25 more characters.
Then there are the numbers 1 through 9.  Zero is omitted, which could look like a lower case o.
So we have 24 + 25 + 9 = 58

Most addresses have 34 characters to them, so that would be
58 ^ 34, or 58 to the power of 34, which is huge.

This is more than 10 to the power of 59, like 1 with 59 zeroes or octodecillion.

There are about 904 octodecillion combinations

As a memory aid, you could remember an "octopus in December"

The estimated number of atoms in the universe is 10 ^ 82

An octodecillion is a billon x trillion x trillion x trillion x trillion.
You can see this more clearly on this table of large numbers.

How to analyze a block chain

Senate Action

Breaking News: Senator Joe Manchin seeks to outlaw Bitcoin
(Why not outlaw cash, that is used for drugs, and harder for the FBI to track?)
Please donate for us to go to his office and educate him.

Ben Swann Reports

We need lobbying on Capitol Hill

US Government / FBI now owns the most Bitcoins - for auction

Over 144000 - after the seizure of Silk Road
This may explain their surprising acceptance of digital currency.

Max Keiser: The Bitcoin Central Bank's Perfect Monetary Policy

Transaction Cost Precious Metals Fiat Currencies Bitcoin
Storage .15% - 1% per year Subsidized by Fractional Reserve Banking Free and 100% reserve
Transportation Expensive Inconvenient Free and easy
Fiduciary media Inevitable Inherent Impossible
Recordeeping Manual Manual Automatic
Counterfeiting Impossible Inevitable Impossible
Issueance Mining Politics Algorithm
Payment clearing Expensive Centralized Cheap and distributed
Scarcity High Arbitrary Fixed at 21 million BTC
Authentication Expensive assay Trust counter-party Built-in

Paul Krugman tries scare tactics

He calls Bitcoins "barbarism" and "evil"
even though he missed predicting the housing bubble
and hasn't predicted much at all.
Paul Krugman has been in academic jobs all his life.
He has never run a business and is not a Certified Financial Planner.
He has no people paying him for financial advice.  He is not rich.
Yet the New York Times gives him a column to write.  Go figure.

Tips on keeping Bitcoin secure

Cash to Bitcoins with the Bitcoin Machine

Future Money Trends inteviews CEO Zach Harvey

“Bankers Worst Fear”

Demo of - find a buyer or seller in your area

Giant US Retailer about to accept Bitcoins

You can now send micro-transactions with zero fees with CoinBase.

2013-09-25  Jefferson Club, Silicon Valley,  Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Course with Andreas Anonopolous

"The founder of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) may be the world's first trillionaire"

Lots of good info from Andreas.

This new service allows users to pay with BitCoin for books on Amazon.

Companies like Western Union will face competition.
They charge $10 to send $100 to someone.

But with Bitcoin it could cost only 5 cents.

2013-12-13 New York Times

2013-12-12 Fox News

Bitcoin source code

Bitcoin Mining Contracts

I have been looking into mining contracts. But this one seems stupid.
Why would someone pay $999 - $1499 per year to mine at 200 GH/s
when they could simply buy 3 BitMain S1 units plus PS for $300 = $900
and mine at 3 x 180 = 540 GH/s?

Bloomberg poll:  42% of Americans know about Bitcoins

Life on Bitcoin

A couple travels around the world
just using Bitcoin

There are conferences about Bitcoin, where inventors show new ways to use it,
such as desktop BTC to USD converters for stores - lots of very smart geeks, many now millionaires.
Guys with enough money to influence politicians, and run for office themselves.
The geeks shall inherit the Earth.
There's no going back to the old ways.

What is Money? - more ramblings on this topic

2013-12-10   The music of financial freedom:
Each transaction makes a note, with the pitch depending on the amount.

Bitcoin Millionaires vs. paper billionaires
Max Keiser on RT: Russia Today
Max was a millionaire even at $50 at the time
"Plenty of room for Bitcoins to go to one million dollars per Bitcoin"

Tony Gallippi of Bitpay  - for merchants
2013-12-12  End of the monopoly for J.P. Morgan and Jamie Dimon

On Alex Jones 2013-12-13

November 22, 2013  - a couple went around the world only using Bitcoins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Winklevoss Twins - own an estimated 1% of all BitCoins

CNBC: "Bitcoin worth at least 100 times more"
Both: are Harvard graduates in Economics in 2004.
Started ConnectU at Harvard, the basic idea behind Facebook
Rowed in the Olympics in Beijing in 2008
Got an MBA from Oxford in 2010
Multi-millionaires by age 32

Bitcoin vs. Gold Debate - Peter Schiff vs. Stefan Molyneux

Update: Peter Schiff now accepts Bitcoin

The days are ending for the Federal Reserve being able print money people will accept, at will, for financing wars, surveillance satellites, terminator robots, germ warfare, and other things the public did not vote for, and does not want.


Full Story: Bitcoin

2013-11-19  Bloomberg News

Ron Paul on gold, Bitcoin
, Immigration, Republican party


Senate Hearing on Digital Currencies - Bitcoin
- November 18, 2013

Money is based on consciousness.
The collective consciousness of a community or nation determines the value of something as money.
If a sufficient number of people accept Bitcoins, then it is usable money.  If not, then not.
As long as vendors, with something you want to buy, accept Bitcoins, that is what matters..
The value of BTC is not fixed in stone, or even in gold or silver.
Money is a way of assigning a number to the value of goods and services we give or receive..

What better platform than a math algorithms stored on a network of computers?
Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited.  Each of the 21 million has a unique identifier.
There is constant oversight by the network over the validity of Bitcoins being used.
So everyone will have to provide some useful product or service to get rich.
What is used as money is a matter of the popular vote.

9 Year Old starts first BitCoin lemonade stand

BitCoin Vending Machine
Converting cash to BitCoin and BitCoin to Cash

BitCoin machines at coffee shops.  It doesn't get more liquid than this.
Liquidity was a valid concern before this.
Banking with no more fees.

I applied for some machines from to put around DC.

Edison's Revenge on the Dollar

I like computers, the internet, and money. 
So computerized, internet-based money is fun.

Money for nothin' Coins for free.  :)

2013-11-28  A Thanksgiving shout out to my friend Diana "Dehackna" who encouraged so many of her Facebook friends to buy Bitcoins.

I have tried and it is too slow and complicated, requiring a drivers license, etc.
It is based in Japan. 
CoinBase is American based, for whatever that is worth, in San Francisco, California
I feel better about it, even though it may be monitored by the NSA.
At lease we can contact their technical in English.

Here is good web site of charts to see how BitCoins are doing:

2013-09-25  Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Course with Andreas Antonopoulos
Excellent overview

Truth about Bitcoin  Good interview by Stefan Molyneux

2013-05-07  Barr Chilton, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission calls for regulation of Bitcoins, if futures on their price is traded, not the Bitcoins themselves.
"Bitcoin is serious, not monopoly money."

At the time, Bitcoins was about $100. 

Bitcoin takes power

from both banks and gangsters

It took experiencing and getting my feet wet for me to "get it" about BitCoins.
That's why I suggest buying at least a nominal amount at first, such as $100 worth.

My father said "Bit what?" when I suggested he put a small amount, such as $1000 into his retirement plan.
By next year, everyone will know what a BitCoin is.

November 2013 has been an amazing month for BitCoin.
I cannot think of anything else that went up so fast,
nor any reason it would not reach $5000 eventually. If you can, please let me know.

I am accepting BitCoins for data conversions and rent from my tenants,
and am trying "BitCoin mining" with my computer network.

I dedicated my C10, a triple core computer, which normally was used for
brute force cracking of databases from customers who lost passwords.

I joined an online pool of miners, and hopefully we will make some Bitcoins.
It seems to have something to do with finding up to 21 million prime numbers.

Once all 21 million Bitcoin numbers are found, the mining will cease,
and it will become commodity that can no longer be created.
About 12 million have been found now. So I expect the BTC value
to rise greatly after almost all the 21 million have been found.

People have become multimillionaires within a few years in BitCoins.
Here is an article from April when they were "just" $258.

That's the bottom line, getting rich, not necessarily in dollars.
We eventually get what we desire, especially during deep meditation.
If our goal is to have "$1 million dollars" what if the dollar becomes worthless?
We should think in terms of the purchasing power we want, regardless of currency.

BitCoins are revolutionizing the economy and the way we purchase things.
It helps us realize what money is, in the first place, a way to put a number
on the value of goods and services that we provide to, and receive from, others.

When you buy something with your AmEx, about 3% goes to American Express.
When you buy something with BitCoin, there is no finance fee.
There is great potential when the internet helps cut out another middle man.

I wanted to give my lady a gold eagle, and realize what a pain it is to do so.
I would have to ask (and trust) someone to go to the bank, or fly there.
My assistant would have to open my safety deposit box, not take the other coins, and send one to me FedEx.
It would cost me $20 if my assistant did it for me, plus $20 for insured shipping,
thus losing $40. But with a BitCoin, I can simply send her $1250 with my smart phone.

I thought the Government or Federal Reserve might crack down on BitCoins,
but they did the opposite, by praising them, and not ruling to regulate at this time.

The Government wants to get rid of the $17 trillion in debt, and if the dollar is devalued,
then it is easier to do that. So other things measured in dollars, such as stocks,
will appear to go up, even if their true value in buying power is going down.

What can the US Govt do when Bitcoins are popular in China, Russia, and other countries?
With the internet, Americans would simply make their transactions overseas.

We definitely have inflation. Look at the airline prices.
I used to be able to go to Chicago for under $100. Now it is hard to find flights under $200.
I used to be able to buy a week of food for $50, and now the Rick Basket it is $100.

If you click this link, I get $5 of BitCoins. It won't cost you anything more than going to BitCoin directly

CNBC on BitCoin merchants: from plastic surgery to haircuts

In the Star Trek TV series andmovies, citizens of the United_Federation_of_Planets use Credits instead of money.  For example, Lt. Uhura offered to buy a Tribble for 10 credits. Mr. Spock estimated that Star Fleet invested 220200 credits in his training.

Federation Credits are not physical, and may be similar to Bitcoins.

Reuters: Bitcoin price zooms through $1000 as enthusiasm grows

RT - Russia Today

US Clamps Down on Bitcoin (through Dwolla), Fears Lack of Control

Norwegian Man Forgets about $26 Bitcoin Investment, Makes $850,000


Keiser Report: Bitcoin Millionaires vs Paper Billionaires

Here are some practice pages for how to get paid via BitCoins.

Alex Jones was wrong on Bitcoins

The Coming Bitcoin collapse
[Infowars]  April 12, 2013
18:00 point. Mike Adams says: greed turns to fear

Thank you to Adam Kokesh of for suggesting BitCoins in 2012.

Charlie Shrem - Bitcoin Foundation

October 18, 2012

What is Bitcoin and why is it important?

Nov 28, 2012
Adam vs. The Man - BitCoin Edition

March 10, 2013

Adam has also spoken about LiteCoin

Bitcoin hits $200$  Time for Litecoin!

April 9, 2013

Bitcoin is MySpace, Litecoin is Facebook

April 11, 2013
Litecoin is Magnitudes more secure than Bitcoin

April 25, 2013

I used to think it would take a lot of hard work to become a millionaire.
All it could take is awareness, $50 and a few clicks of the mouse at the right time. is a good site for conversion from BTC to USD


If you bought 1000 BitCoins for 5 cents each in 2010 for just $50, it would be worth $1 million when BTC =$1000

Price per BitCoin Date Price for 1000 BTC DaysBetween DaysSince7/17/2010 Daily income
$0.05 07/17/10 $50.00      
$0.10 10/09/10 $100.00 84 84 $0.60
$1.00 02/12/11 $1,000.00 126 210 $4.29
$10.00 08/02/12 $10,000.00 537 747 $12.05
$100.00 04/01/13 $100,000.00 242 989 $91.00
$1,000.00 11/27/13 $1,000,000.00 240 1229 $732

Projection at this rate:

$10,000.00 07/25/14 $10,000,000.00 240 1469 $6,126
$100,000.00 03/22/15 $100,000,000.00 240 1709 $52,662.38


A-DC does not offer a Forum of its own, since there are enough already,
but lists the forums with a grade for how well they bring out
acceptance of digital currency
and provide a forum of freedom of speech and reasonable debate

Distributed, secured, time stamped database
Merkle tree
August 13, 2009 was the first Bitcoin transaction

539 TH  as of Sept 11
sha256 miners

8% of GDP

min transaction fee 1/2 cent
fixed fee

Bitcoins will help
international remittance (taking business from Western Union)
inter bank transfers

What helps a country adopt digital currency?
educated population
access to internet
smart phones

US is reserve currency
The result of the hash process is a 256 bit character string.
MD5 is Message Digest 5

2 TH miner for $6000

Bitcoin Mining - First Payout

P2P - Peer To Peer Networking

  Corporate Network Software
Napster centralized centralized centralized
Kazaa centralized decentralized centralized
Gnutella decentralized decentralized decentralized
BitTorrent decentralized decentralized decentralized

Digital Currency
In the light of the Science of Creative Intelligence

Main Points SCI Points
A transaction on one computer influences the world wide transaction log  Infinite correlation
It is easy - no more high fees and wait to transfer money Do less, accomplish more
The block chain is a distributed transaction ledger on the world wide web Order is present everywhere
The process of "mining" initializes digital coins in the system. Manifest from the Unmanifest
Money is based on consciousness.  A dog will prefer a bone to a $100 bill.  People accept paper currency based on their opinion of it. Knowledge is structured in consciousness
Fiat currencies, creating money at the will of government agencies (such as the Federal Reserve in the USA), causes inflation, forcing the citizens to work ever harder. Purification leads to progress

More SCI Points - online wallet

Max Keiser  Maxcoin   Chamber of Digital Commerce

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