Problem: PCIe 6 pin cables burned and may require a new power supply, or sending for repair
Electrical tape and lack of ventilation causes over heating of wires to Bitcoin miners
especially in warm weather.

Hypothesis: We can use the Molex and SATA connectors with an adapter purchased on eBay for about $2 each

Conclusion:  The SATA connectors worked the best.
Molex melted after a few days.
It is very important that each connector has its own cable back to the power supply unit (PSU)
Trying to put 2 connectors on one cable resulted in melting rubber on the wires, and extreme heat.
The SATA to PCIe worked well
Cutting the 8 pin PCIe to make a 6 pin worked the best.

It is much better to separate the wires so they can breathe, and dissipate the heat.

PCI-e 6 pin



Peripheral Component Interface - express

Molded Extrusion

Serial Advance Technology Attachment

Molex to 6 pin PCIe

Wires became very hot

Wires got very hot


2 Molex to 1 PCIe from Amazon for about $2 each

Use a razor blade to cut the black tape "cowling"
that keeps the wires close together and heating up.



Working well

Burnt PCIe connector

Do not use these when toasted.
It is safer to use a new connector

Cut off or disconnect worn wires to and tape them.
Safety first!

Next Experiment - coming by mail