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The History of Money
We are now at a historic turning point on how to pay for products and services
with a new internet based Medium Of Exchange (MOE) free of transaction fees.

Barter Gold & Silver Paper Money Checks Credit Cards Digital Currency
10000 BC - 700 BC 700 BC - 700 AD 700 - present 1717 - present 1940 - present

2009 - present

Trading one thing for another Circular pieces of metal representing money Special papers with designs, usually with Government seals Paper signed by the payor, standing for paper money. Plastic cards with 16 digit code, standng for money Transfer of 34 alpha-numeric code through a secure internet channel.
Between 2 people Requires a mint Country or state governments back the paper, prone to counterfeiting Bank required, can be forged Credit card processor takes 3% Between 2 people with secure encryption
"I'll trade you this for that" "Are the coins really 100% gold?" "Quantitative easing" by the Fed "increasing money supply" from nothing "Check is in the mail" "Your card expired" "Charge it!" "I'll send the money by email"
Seeds for apples Caesar coin, example: buying a book with gold Printing money on paper, US Mint Writing a check MasterCard Visa, AmEx, etc.

BitCoins and LiteCoins

BitCoin and Digital Currency in the News

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Blog of experiences and thoughts about digital currency
My BitCoin address is 3M7t7PxR9pViuEMd5HAbge8adjhQLmV6Zg
if you want to send me some.  :)

BitCoin Vending Machine
Converting cash to BitCoin and BitCoin to Cash

BitCoin machines at coffee shops.  It doesn't get more liquid than this.

Where to buy things with BitCoins

Here is good web site of charts to see how BitCoins are doing:

Amazing November 2013 - the fastest rise in history of any major currency

WARNING: MtGox, based Japan, has good charts, but avoid buying through them.
Reporter Ben Swann reports they were too slow in converting his BitCoins to Dollars
We have had good results with CoinBase, based in the USA.


How a Bitcoin transaction works

How to generate a QR code

Association for Digital Currency


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