How to generate a Quick Response (QR) Code

Generate Bitcoin Address QR Code With Wolfram Alpha

The knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha added a feature that will be useful for those requesting Bitcoin from a person who will be paying using a mobile. This feature is the ability to easily create a QR Code for a bitcoin address.

This is done by visiting and simply entering a Bitcoin address followed with the words "qr code";. The submit button will then yield the QR Code generated for that Bitcoin address.

This might be useful to anyone using the Bitcoin client running on a desktop. Those with bitcoins on a mobile app like Bitcoin Wallet can easily have the device’s camera scan a QR Code and then send funds, but the Bitcoin client on the desktop has no built-in method to create a QR Code. This feature by Wolfram Alpha helps to bridge the gap between Bitcoin on the desktop and Bitcoin on mobile or pad devices.
Following is the QR Code generated after asking:

3M7t7PxR9pViuEMd5HAbge8adjhQLmV6Zg qr code

Hat tip to @TechRecipes for their tweet and guide on this.
There is also another service that provides a QR Code specifically for Bitcoin which can also include an URI encoding scheme. The same capability can be provided from Wolfram Alpha by asking:

bitcoin:3M7t7PxR9pViuEMd5HAbge8adjhQLmV6Zg qr code

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