Fairfield Iowa
Association for Digital Currency

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Let's make Fairfield rich again!

Building awareness of acceptance of digital currency
in America's most enlightened community consciousness

Co-Meeting with the Maharishi University of Management Digital Currency Club

Discussing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitRaam, and other digital currency
How to buy, sell, mine, and shop with it.
How to Get Started with
Digital Currency

Intro to Bitcoin and Digital Currency

Sunday November 12, 2017   7:30 pm - 9:30
Fairfield Public Library
104 W Adams Avenue, Fairfield, Iowa  52556

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Regular meetings: First Sunday of the month, afternoon at 2:00 Central Time
Argiro Hall Student Lounge

EcoFair April 18, 2015  Fairfield Convention Center

Fairfield Iowa Art Walk


James Moore of KRUU-FM interviews a "Johnny Appleseed" of Bitcoin

Rick of the FIADC has given away bits of Bitcoin, from $1 to $10, to over 200 Fairfield citizens

Golden Dome Market  upstairs north dining room

How to unpack and configure Bitcoin mining machines

Erin, a Fairfield native and Maharishi University graduate, uses a Bitcoin ATM near L,A.

Discussing cost effectiveness of Bitcoin mining in Dryer Building class room.

Cy Winther-Tamaki's presentation at the Student Union

Meeting at the Golden Dome Market Cafe

David Lynch course students making a video about digital currency - coming soon

Meeting of FIADC, making a video, and mining Bitcoin

Club Day at Argiro Student Center


Facebook event ads for previous meetings

Fairfield based businesses now accepting Bitcoin for payments

rent for Delta Nu Zeta

Custom Cut hair salon (for tips)

3. PkLwnClassStudentsRS.jpg (76197 bytes)
Computer Instructors Corporation

Portfolio Web Site Designs by Oksana

5. Somebody Cares gift shop

6. eLectronics Fairfield
First purchase on the town square with BTC

Brain Fingerprinting, Dr. Larry Farwell

(main office in Seattle)

8. Joseph's EvolveEarth Farm
Fresh, organic duck eggs

Fairfeld Airport Rides by Gerard

10. First payment from Fairfield to Dish Network using Bitcoin

Confirmation email

DISH Network
300 W Burlington Ave
Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: 641-814-1148



Fairfield based organizations considering accepting Bitcoin (but not yet)

Logli's Store

University Manor Condo

Revelations Cafe

Noodle House


Maharishi University of Management

To add your business that accepts Bitcoin, please email a photo to info@A-DC.org


Talking to Maharishi University of Management president Dr. Bevan Morris in September 2014
about the other four universities accepting Bitcoin for tuition payments
and three offering courses in Sustainable Digital Currency

Introducing Mayor Ed Malloy to Bitcoin and Coinbase at September 2014 Art Walk

Talking Raja Rogers Badgett about alternative currency to the US Dollar.
Back in 1976, Maharishi talked about the Maha which became the Raam.

Monty Guild, who was a Trustee of Maharishi University,
says "Digital Currency is here to stay"


Keene, New Hampshire is an inspiration to us

For information on how to form a local group in your area:

Association for Digital Currency
International headquarters, Washington, DC


Meeting every Saturday at 1:00 pm at the
Golden Dome Market, upstairs north dining room

Welcome to Fairfield Iowa

Bitcoin accepted here

Proposal to re-enliven the Raam as a digital currency for the Age of Enlightenment
Raja Raam liked the idea
(video password for members only)

Digital Currency Info Meeting


Digital Currency Info Meeting

Exchange information about Bitcoin, Litecoin, other digital currency - the money of the Age of Enlightenment.
* Plans to re-enliven Raam mudra as a digital currency.
* How to buy, mine, sell, and shop with digital currency.
* Group discussion. Share experiences and tips.

Beginners welcome. Upstairs meeting room or you can attend via Skype Id: cicorp.com

Also, feel free to join the Raam Users Group
and the
Fairfield Iowa Association for Digital Currency

Prior meetings

First Saturday of each month at Revelations Cafe downstairs (convenient for town) at 3:00 pm

Calendar in the Fairfield Weekly Reader

Meeting Jan 3, 2015 featuring Billy Horia Cretan
an alternative coin trading expert and life saver