Digital Currency for the Age of Enlightenment  
Open Source, Convenient, Decentralized, Fair, Secure
The bit of bliss for the rise of Raam Raj

An experimental practice coin for eventual development of RaamCoin
by Alumni of Maharishi University ( students for potential use in Computer Science classes

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minor modification "soft fork" available August 10, 2014 
Running error free since May 2, 2014  Akshaya Tritiya

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Note: This web site is supportive of, but not associated with the TM Organization
RAAM = Realistic Academic Activity Money for Maharishi University Computer Science students

It is a great joy to experience the launch of BitRaam, the world's most enlightened digital currency, faster, more secure, and much more transparent than BitCoin.  The Age of the Dollar, used too often for wars and bail outs for the rich, gives way to the Age of Raam Raj, for peace and fairness to all.

BitRaam is a SHA-256D Bitcoin clone with faster speeds and confirmation times. It was created for two reasons. One is to help donation to the largest meditation movement, the only one which has over 600 scientifically backed peer-reviewed studies on the benefits to body, mind, and society.  BitRaam will also be used as a storage of wealth that due to its lightning fast speeds will enable those that possess the coin will have the ability to get in and out of markets & exchanges quickly.  

Algorithm- SHA-256D
ASIC Friendly
Total Coin Cap 50 Million   (50,000,000)
Block Rewards 50 coins per block
Block Times 1 Minute  
Default port = 41255
RPC port = 41254
Block Halving: 210000

Wallet: Windows 7/8 32bit
MacIntosh (Apple)
Linux: (coming soon)

Source code: posted for audit at

Block Explorer:

CryptoCoinTalk about BitRaam

The first 1 million BRM donated by the developers to the TM Movement, a 501c(3) non-profit educational organization
for its world wide activities, mainly teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Inner peace is the basis of outer peace- and world peace.

This was a small premine, less than 2% of the Total Coin Cap, for a good cause.

For more information:
Official Website:  and
BitRaam Development Team

Dynamic Activity of the BitRaam in Mining Pool
Group Dynamics of Creation and Processing

Success on the Digitial Currency Exchanges
Wholeness on the Move
A recent increase in value of 115.4%


BitRaam has quickly become one of the world's most popular digital currencies,
mining 8.35 Trillion Hashes per Second - TH/s 
The Age of the Raam is rising! 

Quality Paper or Metal Money BitCoin BitRaam
Founded by U.S. Government Internet, founder: Satoshi Nakamoto BitRaam Foundation, donors to TM
Value with time Decreases as more is printed (inflation) Up and down (volatile) Steadily up (hopefully)
Technology used Old (paper), Ancient (gold) Newer (2008) technology Newest (2014) technology
Basic unit Dollar (USD) BitCoin (BTC) BitRaam (BRM)
Smallest unit Cent Satoshi  0.00000001 BTC Rishi  0.00000001 BRM
Secure Hash Algorithm none SHA-256 SHA-256 with KGW for price stability
Weakness Can be counterfeited and inflated ASIC miners dominate PC and ASIC miners
Market Capitalization trillions $6 billion (let's see how it grows)
Volume increasing $65 billion per month per Congress 21 million  19,663625 so far 50 million
Costs to create Paper printing presses, coin metal mining and minting none none
Counterfeitable? Yes No No


How to Create / "Mine" BitRaam
Manifest from the Unmanifest

as easy as 1-2-3

For a better chance, join a Mining Pool, such as  (port 3383)

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Block Explorer
Historical tradition of the transactions

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BitRaam is based on BitCoin which paved the way for
Digital Currency- the money of the Age of Enlightenment

Wal-mart is now selling devices to mine Bitcoin digital currency.

Congressman Jared Polis (Democrat, Colorado) is the first to accept Bitcoins for campaign contributions.

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus is the first accredited, brick and mortar, building-based university
to accept Bitcoins for tuition, and to offer a Masters Degree in Digital Currency. now accepts Bitcoins for payment for various items. accepts Bitcoins for air travel, lodging, cars, and cruises. accepts Bitcoins for electronics

Bitcoin ATM machine on Capitol Hill

More at A-DC blog


May 2, 2014- Launch of the genesis block of BRM on the auspicious Muhurta day of Akshaya Tritiya
with the phrase "Agni mele purohitam", the first words of the Vedas
May 14 - BitRaam achieved 8.5 Trillion Hashes per Second according to iSpace

13 May 2014 - 03:09 PM Announcement on

10 Aug 2014 release of new version 4.0

Source Code - for those interested in how BitRaam is programmed

The TM organization receives 1 million of the 50 million possible BitRaams
However, by receipt the TM Organization is not endorsing, organizing or sponsoring BitRaam
Nevertheless, you help the Transcendental Meditation movement while helping your self.
What is TM?  (official web site)
Maharishi University of Managment

Digital Currency in the light of SCI

Where does the name Raam come from, anyway?
School children in India learn about the legend of Prince Raam called the Raamayan


Nothing on this page should be interpreted as financial advice.
Always consult a licensed professional before making any investment decision.

BitRaam is supportive of, yet not affiliated with the Transcendental Meditation Movement, nor sponsored by it.  It is a grass roots project. The programming instructions are open source and belongs to no one particular person or group, bank or Government. BitRaam belongs to those people who choose to mine/purchase/accept BitRaam and support it as a recognized publicly traded decentralized crypto-currency.  Happily, they will also find out more about TM and its many benefits and want to do their part in spreading awareness of this natural technique.

Any questions please submit an email  to the BitRaam who is a practitioner of the TM technique, at    BitRaam is licensed by Charity International Corporation and is solely for entertainment & education purposes only.  It is not to be mistaken as an endorsement  of or by the TM Movement or visa versa.  BitRaam,, its website host, those listed in the ledger or the TM Movement as a whole or by individual be responsible for anything in regards to BitRaam whether monetary or other.  People mine, purchase and sell BitRaam at their own risk.


Faucet - free give away of bits of BitRaam to promote its use

Development Team

Proof of Developer credentials


Disclaimer: This web site is supportive of, but not an official site for the Transcendental Meditation movement
This is not an investment, advice, or solicitation of funds.  Seek financial advice from a registered professional.

Note: This web site is supportive of, but not associated with the TM Organization