BitRaam Digital Currency Development Team

We feel it is important for people to know who the management team behind a digital currency is.  One of the criticisms of Bitcoin is that we don't know for sure who started it.  It is questionable whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person, or a team.  Same with Shadoki Rikimoto.  For customer confidence, we feel the founders should be transparent, and are proud to stand behind the coins..

Proof of Developer credentials

Rick Shaddock (Shadoki Rikimoto)
Project Initiator and Lead Developer
Computer and internet consultant in Washington DC since 1984. 

"The Transcendental Meditation  technique helped my body, mind, and spirit in many ways.  The idea for a digital Raam came from within our Collective Cosmic consciousness, our Self, thanks to meditation and Maharishi, so I am happy that we are donating 1 million BRM to the TM organization."

Sean Brezendine
Lead Consultant, Association for Digital Currency

Lead technician on 4 successful crypto-currencies, including the launch of BRM.  Consultant in Silicon Valley, California.  Long time volunteer and team leader for non-profit educational organization.

Billy Cretan
Vice President of Marketing

Director of Salone Direct Limited in New York.  Expert in international affairs.  Has been interviewed on news shows for his expertise and philanthropy. 
More info   New York Hero for saving a child from a burning buildilng, on Ellen DeGeneris Show
Matthew Mitchell
Solution Engineer
Dr. Tony Sousa
Doctor of Business Administration

Thanks to a Raja Felix Kaegi for inspiration and information.