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Note: It is a free gift, not a stock or security.  There are no promises regarding the market value of Raam.

An experimental practice coin for eventual development of RaamCoin
by one time Maharishi University (MUM.edu) students for use in Computer Science classes


May 14, 2021- Launch of the genesis block of Raam Token on the auspicious Muhurta day of Akshaya Tritiya
with the phrase "Agni mele purohitam", the first words of the Vedas

Where does the name Raam come from, anyway?
School children in India learn about the legend of Prince Raam called the Raamayan

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke on the importance of the Raam
for the Age of Enlightenment and Global Country of World Peace.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SrCLfJaQWk or www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnKn7rgTlQI or MaharishiRaamCurrency.mp4

Transcript of the video from 2002

Dr. John Hagelin (PhD Physics, Harvard): Thank you, Maharishi. This is a question on the importance of the Raam. BBC news is doing a story on the Raam Mudra. Last week a BBC reporter, Chris Morris, interviewed His Excellency Dr. Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace. Now this reporter would like to ask a few follow-up questions of Maharishi. Three quick questions: the first is, why is the Raam so important to your program?

Maharishi: Raam is important because first, the meaning of Raam is Brahm.  Brahm is the reality of every single individual.  Brahm means totality.  Brahm means embodiment of total natural law.  That is why Raam is dear to me.  Aham Brahmāsmi  is the fondest expression of the Vedic wisdom. Aham Brahmāsmi   I am totality.  I am Brahm.  I am Raam.  So I am fond of Raam because I am fond of my (cosmic) Self.  And I am fond of the best of my Self.  Brahm, totality, embodiment of total natural law. That is Raam.  That is on the personal level.  And on the social level ...

The world needed a currency which will be kind to the people. What ever are the currencies, they are kind, but their kindness is equally placed with cruelty.  All the banks are very kind; at the same time they are very cruel to poverty. They are cruel to poverty.  A man has to give guarantee after guarantee, and then the bank gives him money.  So the world needed a very liberal currency which will be a friend to the needy.  That is what Raam is.  There is a phrase in English. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."  A poor man needs money.  Dollar is not for him.  Pound is not for him.  Any other currency is not for him, because he has nothing to guarantee upon, and all that, all that..

Raam is floated by the government of the Global Country of World Peace.  Government of Global Country of World Peace has a global parental role for everyone. It needed a currency which will be kind to the needy.  A friend in need is friend indeed.  A friendly currency was needed on the global scale, because currencies are there, but they are no good for the poor.  It's a simple fact

Currencies existing are not good for the poor, no good for the poor, no good for the poor.

Global Country of World Peace, Global Country, Global Country.  A parental role for all the countries.  It needed a currency of a parental role.  And the parental role is to fulfill the requirements of the people.

So the finance policy of the Global Country of World Peace has floated a currency with a liberal, parental role for all the people.  This is the specialty of Raam.

It may be said of those who are fond of the other side:  Only the rich will become richer, from the other currencies. Only the rich will become richer. With the Raam, the poor will become richer.

The whole world economy  is badly handled, as everything else is badly handled in the world.  Every currency, here and there, every currency, every rich man who lives on this currency, whose riches are based on this currency; he suffers from heart palpitation.  Now it is going up.  Now it is going down.  Now it is rising.  Now it is falling.  This, this, this.

That means, the present basic philosophy of the world economy is heart palpitating for the rich.  For the poor there is hearth shrinking.  Raam is a currency which will have a balanced economy in the world.  There are tremendous advantages of Raam, fulfilling the requirement of the world today, and for every tomorrow.

This is Raam, the currency of the Global Country of World Peace.   In these beginning days of issuing Raam, we say Raam is a development currency. But it's going to be the fondest currency in the world, because it has that generous basis to its behavior.  That is why Raam is dear to us.  And this is the specialty of Raam.  It was a good question.  The answer is: Raam is the fulfillment of the requirement of the world economy, of the currencies of the world. In every way, Raam is a blessing to the world.

We can keep on saying the glory of Raam.  There is enormous, great blessing to Raam in the Vedic literature.  All glory to Raam in the Vedic literature.  That is my Raam.  Your Raam. Everyone's Raam.  Raam is the Self.  It is the Unified Field, a part from its very practical value on the hard currency level.  Very good.  Very good.


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