Steps to Give Digital Currency to M.U.M.

Using WordPress plug in for receiving Bitcoin
Muhurta date: Saturday, June 23, 2018 at noon

It is easy.

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Here are the easy 7 Steps  in more detail

1. Go to
    The web page form is compatible with Google Chrome version > 60, Firefox ver > 52, Safari

2. Enter your Name, address, and how much you would like to donate in US$, then select [Donate Now]
    Well begun is half done.    Miss Nepal finalist 2017 Rojina made the 3rd donation to MUM using BTC.

3. Donation Confirmation - Pay Now
    Note that M.U.M. is presently accepting Bitcoin (BTC) not Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or other coins yet.

4. Start your Bitcoin wallet (reputable examples:,,, GreenBits, and others)
     or secure storage device (Trezor, Ledger, Exodus).'s wallet

Green Address Wallet

If you need a wallet, here are more suggestions

Image result for wallet

Video of the first Bitcoin donation to MIU 

Options for sending the BTC

From a browser

From your phone

 Click on Send Bitcoin (a feature of every wallet)
Copy the 34 character Bitcoin Code 

Paste this code into your wallet
This is M.U.M.'s Coinbase code, which you may re-use for future donations. 
You could also send anonymously.  Yet this form lets M.U.M know who to thank and send you a receipt..
You can click the blue "Copied!" button to copy the Code into memory for Pasting.
With your wallet, select Send
Select the Quick Response (QR) button
Scan the QR code on the web page (see above)
You will see it automatically display
Select the Send button


How to use Coinbase on compuer

How to use Coinbase on phone

5. Copy the BTC amount that is automatically computed from the US$ amount you are donating.
    Paste or send into your Bitcoin wallet source for sending to the Bitcoin Code. (a feature of every wallet)
    You can send using the lowest fee available, which may take about 4 hours, for your convenience.
    Click or press Send

6. The form will flash "Awaiting Payment From You" until it receives the BTC.
    Bitcoin blocks are confirmed every 10 minutes, depending on traffic. 
    The process might take hours. You will receive an email when the Bitcoin arrives.
    You can close the browse window, or refresh if you want to see the confirmation.
    Either way, your Bitcoin donation will be properly accounted for.

Sample email receipt you will automatically receive

7. Payment Successfully Received!
    This means the first confirmations have started showing up on the block chain.
    Thank you for your donation.   A receipt is provided.

Jai Guru Dev

To donate BTC anonymously using the Quick Response (QR) code




If you would like to check on the status of your donation at some later time, you can go to

Type in your Donation Email address, then select [Verify Email]

Checking your donation any time later

$108 in June 23, 2018 was $6090