Bitcoin Mining Machine

Earns you about $3 per day
10 of them earn you about $30/day

Each machine pays for itself in about 100 days.  Thereafter is profit.

This profit assumes current BTC price of about $300,
and electricity costs, about 8 cents per kilo watt hour.

If BTC goes up, you could earn more.  If down, then less.
If you have free solar panel electricity, you could earn more.

Bitmain Tech Antminer S3 model

Plus, Sentey 550 watt power supply, plenty for the 360 watts required.

$250 (miner) + $40 (power supply)  = $290

Optional $40 setup consulting and profit guarantee for $330
if you run the machine nearly 24/7 as directed and follow instructions.

You will need a standard wall outlet, a ventilated room, and internet connection

Optional hosting for 10% of profit (50 cents for each $5 earned) is available.


No shipping charge if in Fairfield

What do Bitcoin Mining Machines Do to Earn Money?

The Bitcoin mining machines are Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) which do the following functions automatically:

* Keeps the Bitcoin network lively on the world wide web
* Helps maintain majority rule of the valid programming code
* Process transactions - buying and selling of products & services
* Makes sure buyer and seller have legitimate 34 character codes
* Prevents duplicate spending of Bitcoin simultaneously
* Compressing and storing the public transaction ledger
* Creates new coins on a timed schedule towards a max of 21 million
* Encrypts and decrypts transaction transmissions
* Wards off hackers, checks for unauthorized changes
* Sends receipts to buyers and sellers of the Bitcoin transaction.

The Bitcoin network is programmed to reward miners with fractions
of Bitcoins, in proportion to the work done by each machine.


Bitcoin Mining Machine
Earns you about $5 per day

Pays for itself in about 100 days
800-319-3190   Free Instruction
Local customer references
available upon request.


Largest Bitcoin mining operation in America

Dave Carlson, and the largest Bitcoin mining farm in America, generating $8 million in new coins per month, plus earning a percentage from transaction, through processing fees. His farm is in the state of Washington, which has the lowest electricity costs from the gravity driven Grand Coulee Dam.

Bitcoin can be easily translated into US$ Dollars through exchanges such as BTC-US$ ATM machines, and local exchanges.  His farm uses 1.4 MegaWatts of electricity/month.

To get started with mining, we suggest the Bitmain Antminer S3


Bitcoin Farming Center of Iowa