HQ K Street WDCDonation Form

Purpose: 100% of donated funds go for the promotion of digital currency
on Capitol Hill, and protecting the rights and interests of BitCoin owners.

7 Step Lobbying Plan for Each Representative

For each $90 worth of BitCoins, we will spend about 3 hours to:
1. Make an appointment with a Congressman or Senator office of your choice
preferably in your state or congressional district, giving us a good lead in.
2. Go to their office in the House or Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill
3. Make a presentation, preferably to the politician, or his staff member
4. Help the person to get set up with an account, such as CoinBase
5. Send a small gift of .0001 BTC (well under the $50 limit) to get started,
build their understanding, and makes them a stake holder in digital currency.
6. Follow up with them in the next days with a thank you message and cc: to you
7. Remind them to resist any legislation which would restrict digital currency.

Donations also help us pay for our prestigious K Street office address,
brochures, better business cards, Metro travel, presentation materials,
and a better web site.

You can donate any amount at the addresses below.
For a receipt, please email us with the transaction id.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Ethereum (ETH), ERC20, or HEX


HEX to 0xDEe367386A38cDDFECf9440168E04CfBc6A0A246

LiteCoin (LTC)


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


Over 100 alternative coins at


For those who prefer the "traditional" system of credit cards:


You can also send a check to:
Charity International Corporation
a 501(c)(3) tax deductable donation
Memo: Digital Coin Association
1629 K Street NW, Suite 325
P.O. Box 71112
Washington, DC  20024

Questions or problems please email info@A-DC.org

We thank the donors so far
Payments posted updated every week

Site Date Donor Amount Balance
A 11/01/2012 Rick S. $500 $500

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