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Purpose: 100% of donated funds go for the promotion of digital currency
on Capitol Hill, and protecting the rights and interests of BitCoin owners.

7 Step Lobbying Plan for Each Representative

For each $90 worth of BitCoins, we will spend about 3 hours to:
1. Make an appointment with a Congressman or Senator office of your choice
preferably in your state or congressional district, giving us a good lead in.
2. Go to their office in the House or Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill
3. Make a presentation, preferably to the politician, or his staff member
4. Help the person to get set up with an account, such as CoinBase
5. Send a small gift of .001 BTC (well under the $50 limit) to get started,
build their understanding, and makes them a stake holder in digital currency.
6. Follow up with them in the next days with a thank you message and cc: to you
7. Remind them to resist any legislation which would restrict digital currency.

Donations also help us pay for our prestigious K Street office address,
brochures, better business cards, Metro travel, presentation materials,
and a better web site.

You can donate any amount at the BitCoin address

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For those who prefer the "old fashioned" system of credit cards:

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You can also send a check to:
Charity International Corporation
Attn: Rick Shaddock, A-DC
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006

Questions or problems please email

Association for Digital Currency
Supporting acceptance of digital currency topics

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We thank the donors so far
Payments posted updated every week

Site Date Donor Amount Balance
A 11/01/2012 Rick S. $500 $500

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