Intro to Bitcoin and Digital Currency

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7:00 Setup  
7:30 Deborah: introduces FIADC and Rick  
7:35 Fun topic: computers and money
Rick: FIADA and DCA   Senate Bill 1241 which would require people to declare ownership of digital currency upon entering the USA - which only infringes on the privacy of people who will tell the truth.  Like "how much do you have in your bank savings account?"  Bad people will just lie.
  DC is very active
  Our outreach so far.  Mining, First BTC, Somebody cars, Art Walk Mayor
Gold coint to McDonalds
Interviews on Dr. James Fetzer's show and Dr. Kevin Barrett's
  Raja Raam liked idea of the Raam reincarnated  
  Proposal for Bitcoin mining to support Pundits Mining so far
  Bitcoin doing well. Monty Guild says it is here to stay.   Gave BTC to Donald Trump Jr.
Bringing Bitcoin millionaires to TM and TMers to be Bitcoin millionaires
7:45 What is money?  Based in consiousness.  Maharishi said value of the diamond - rock to others
Aug 7, 1970 Experiencing the source of creation
 Our present $US system, Federal Reserve, creates dollars from nothing for war without asking citizens,  BTC currency for worldk peace - and prosperityWe all have to work harder.
A score board does not have to have intrinsic value - just be fair and not manipulated.  
7:55 Brief history of money from barter, gold, paper, checks, plastic, digital  
7:55 Earlier attempts at digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto  
  Many videos on YouTube and daily market analysis
  Mining - from regular computers to ASICs.   Mining pools
I mined about 10 BTC mine, but now electricity costs, alt coins now
  Other coins  
  Safety first - backing up BTC on Trezor and other devices
  Main points and SCI points    Maharishi's success course  
8:25 Stretch




How can Bitcoin help Fairfield

8:30 We need more money and jobs in Fairfield.  Young people are moving away.  Population is getting old
If numbers drop in the Dome, near the population center, the USA will be more warlike
  We were rich in the 1990's with Telegroup, USA Global Link, Books R Fun, which moved away or went bankrupt in "fortune creating buildings".  Bitcoin is Fortune Creating knowledge  
  Users group - help people discuss new coins and avoid scams  
  Local trading group.  Register just in case you do a lot (takes a %)
  Protection against crash of the US Dollar
Federal Reserve 1913    If USD was digital no one would use it
Unfair score keeping system
  Many businesses accepting Bitcoin - use all day, like Keene NH, NYC, LA  
  Bitcoin ATM  
  Courses at Fairfield schools and M.U.M.about the money of the future
Dr. Hagelin, Dr. Greg Guthrie, Dr. Jim Karpen
University of Nicosia
  Block chain technology startups and companies, hiring many graduates  
  BitRaam, Raam   "fondest currency in the world"
Raja Raam said it was a good idea
  We need to accelerate.  Other people are getting rich on this new wave. Why not us who are dedicated to world peace?   All learning together.  Weekly meetings  
9:00 $1 of BTC to everyone
Tour of Coinbase.  Work shop
9:15 Q&A  
9:30 closing  

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