ANETA HQ K Street WDCADC Certified*

Board of Directors of the Digital Currency Association
has checked out the following and considers them to be sincere and legitimate

Coins Rating Location / origination Email Notes WhoIs BTC A- Satoshi Nakamoto team, USA   The original standard has become slow with high fees * Priv Cash BCH A+ Roger Ver, St. Kitts   First venture capital funder of digital currency projects Yes LTC A Charlie Lee, USA   Script mining pioneer Priv ETH A- Vitalik Buterin, Stiftung Ethereum, Switzerland  Twitter V. Buterin
Pioneer in smart contracts Yes
Z.Cash ZEC A Zooko Wilcox, transparent  Twitter emphasizes privacy Yes XMR A Riccardo Spagni and emphasizes privacy Yes XVG A  Twitter emphasizes privacy Yes A US Charles Hoskinson and smart team  Twitter (Charles H.) Dev team with excellent degrees and qualifications Yes
Envion EVN token A Envion is a Swiss-based blockchain startup from Berlin
Good use case, portable miners in low cost locations Yes A Richard Heart   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - useful proof of work Yes XRP B Chris Larsen, Ripple Labs, SF, CA 94104  Twitter used by banks including AmEx, no limite to XRPs created, controlled by 1 company. Has risen high though.  Banker's crypto? Yes


C Tony Churyumoff  Twitter
Smart contracts made simple
But Tony owns too many coins, and changed model


A Dan Larimer Social media platform.
Earn Steemit dollars while posting and getting Likes
IOTA C Dominik Schiener  Twitter Wallet does not work. Website slow to load - too much flash. Does not accomplish stated goal as shown by
Richard Heart says Iota lost money from the wallet
Yes D No names found yet of founder or staff
Based in Panama
 Twitter Lists people on their Executive Team without their knowledge or permission.  Lists "Potential Partners" Yes
EmCoin.Net F Based in Aba, Nigeria. Registrant Phone: +234.070 6151 2097 Sadly, a Pump & Dump. After a lot of adverts, it closed Yes BCC F Based in Panama. Trading bot system, early joiners profit, not later people   BCC = BitConnectCoin.  Under investigation by SEC / TX
BitConnectX is a $50 ICO (too high) Closing
 In evaluation for certification...          
Tron   Justin Sun  Twitter  Watch it trading here
District0x    Matus Lestan, co Founder, Tech lead
 Watch it trading here
Dent      Twitter    


 B Initiative Q payment network      
Exchanges:     Based in Finland -- under review  Twitter x
Altcoin.Io A Decentralized   Decentralized exchange , can't be hacked Yes A  JP CEO Changpeng Zhao x widely used, no major problems, moved from China to Japan Yes A  UK, Luxemburg one of largest Yes A  US, Seattle. Submit a token for listing here  Twitter halted new registrations for now Yes A  CEO, Kim jae-wook, Seoul, Korea widely used, no major problems Yes B  British Virgin Islands widely used, some problems. Appears to have an excellent interactive tutorial in the trading area Yes A  Paris, France. widely used, no major problems. Does not serve the USA Yes
Cryptopia.Co.NZ A  NZ  Twitter widely used, no major problems No B  US Juan Suarez, Coinbase, SF, CA Good intro to BCT, BCH,ETH,LTC. Has gotten overloaded with customers  $US but customer service is still good.
Requires too much verification
Yes A  Scottsdale, AZ. works with good, seems to have no problems or major complaints Yes
CoinPayments.Net A  Panama, Lawrence Chan  Add a coin Accept over 165 coins for only 0.5%. They provide services for people doing an ICO, plugins to enable shopping carts to accept cryptocurrencies, and a payment request/invoice maker Yes A US Winkelvoss Twins, NY NY certified, well known management
Customer support a bit back logged though. $US
Yes A Kr A India Twitter A US based, large volume Jesse Powell "world's largest" Yes A US based in L.A. A A FN helps people meet up Find someone in your local area to exchange with A India A US based widely used, no major problems  
ShapeShift.Io A Erik Vorhees, Robert Garrett, USA
  Easy web site to transfer from one digital currency to another. Yes A Switch between many different currencies B UK 2014, used by RS, but no longer serves USA, cannot cash out, web site error B Korea widely used, no major problems  
CEX.IO B Was running pool but closed it. B
 F closed by authorities for no license     No F exchange closed up and left     No D exchange closed for repairs   "Updating our system, be back shortly" since 2016 No F exchange closed up and left     No
Apps  A     Over 2000 coins Yes
Coin-Data A     Over 2000 coins Yes
Mining Pools:  B Hong Kong   One of the largest BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, ZEC
does not pass along transaction fees
Priv A United Kingdom   Fast payouts Yes A A     One of first to offer BCH. BTC, LTC, Dash, ZEC F pool closed   Once was the world's largest, now gone  
Miners:  A Hong Kong, delivers well   Good customer service, shipping, exchanges  
WiFi Antennas A Wifi_Expert   MiniPCI U.FL to RP-SMA Antenna WiFi Pigtail Cable B D Late on deliveries, clo sed by FTC
Leawood, KS
Slow deliveries, broken shipment promises
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs):  A Switzerland,   Good, new idea, helps environment, full disclosure Yes B B        
PowerSupplies  A Ontario CA  Brian Hsu   Works great, good tech support Yes A     Good tech support, honors warranty Yes A       Yes
Hardware / Offline Storage  A     First, excellent, easy to use
Gettng to be high price
Yes A-     Good, a bit hard to navigate and connect with wallet Yes
Exodus.Io A JP Richardson, Dimejet, Mt. View, CA
  Runs on your computer, saves to a flash device. Yes
Opportunities  F Ponzi No
Usi-Tech F Ponzi      
Google Authenticator A        
Authi A        
BlockChain.Info A A     unbiased, wide variety of info A-     biased to BTC A-     biased to BCH A A     lists top 100 coins by market cap A Example: post by BC   good forum for exchange of ideas and warnings A        

Commentators (YouTube, DTube) Rating Location / origination Notes WhoIs
Andreas Antonopoulus A+ Cyprus @aantonop    
Andy Hoffman A US Daily broadcast  Yes
Adam Meister A- Baltimore, MD BitcoinMeister consulting 100% for holding BTC even when price goes down Yes
Chris Dunn A US Intro to bitcoins, alt coins Yes
Crypto Analyst        
CryptoCrow - Jason Appleton A US Gives many videos about trading about every day, a bit too many personal details Yes
Crypto Jack A-     Yes
Data Dash A US Knowledgable about Bitcoin trading and Fibonacci Retracement levels Yes
David Hay A UK Daily tips about Bitcoin and other currencies Yes
Doug Polk A US Daily broadcasts about crypto Yes
Erik Voorhees A US @ErikVoorhees founder  
James Altucher A US    
Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert A US  @MaxKeiser RT Economics experts with daily broadcast, early into BTC Yes
Michael Suppo (SuppoMan) A UK Cheerful, knowledgeable, gives many videos and $10 Udemy course Yes
Peter Saddington A+ US Decentralized TV first to buy Lambo with BTC   TheBitcoin.Pub  Yes
Roger Ver A Japan, Kitts  @RogerKVer First investor in Bitcoin businesses Yes
Richard Heart A- US Was a Bitcoin maximalist, tells it like it is, uses naughty words though so A- Yes
Rick Falkvinge A Swe, Ger  @Falkvinge We Are All Satoshi channel  
Tone Vays A US Trading instructor Yes
Jason Sterling A US Gives a trading semar  
Teeka Tiwari A US Editor, Palm Beach Confidential Yes
World Crypto Network A US Today in Bitcoin.  Great speakers Yes

Craig S. Wright

A Australia   @ProfFaustus Pretended to be Satoshi Yes
Consultants Coaches & Developers        
Nick Szabo A Seattle BitGold, Bitcoin developer  
BitcoinBox A HK    
BlockStream B   Bitcoin core team Yes
Rick Shaddock A Washington, DC How to get started, exchanges, backup, creating new coins (BitRaam) Yes
Sean B A LA, California BitRaam, BitCentavo, GuccioCaoin, etc. Yes
Billy Cretan A New York, NY TomahawkCoin (discontinued) Yes
Matthew Mitchell A London, UK Digital currency developer, SHA-256 Yes
Tony D'Sousa, PhD A California Digital currency marketing Yes


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Team Transparency - Do they list their principals on their web site and/or WhoIs?   Private Registration is ok if we can verify them in other ways.

Technology  - Is this project a true innovation and contribution to society, or just another copy of Bitcoin?  Does the wallet work (testing with 1000 coins or tokens)?

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