What is Money?

If we want more of it, we have to know what it is.

Money is non-physical - to measure the value of the physical.

Gold and silver are just shiny metal, like aluminum.
They are something one could buy with money, but are not money.
Gold and silver are difficult to store and pay for anything with.
(Try going to Safeway or Best Buy with a gold coin.)
Gold is no more an indicator of strength of the dollar.
So you can stop sending me gold prices. I'm watching the charts.
If I had gotten into BTC in 2009, instead of gold, with the same dollars,
I would be a multi-millionaire by now, donating a building to MUM.

Bitcoin is the new alternative to the dollar, which is doomed.
Bitcoin is easier to use than the dollar, and will eventually dominate.
Dollars can be counteffeited and often is, by criminals and The Fed.
Many people are fed up with the Fed, and their manipulated monopoly money
they can create at will from nothing, as the people have to work harder and harder.
Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited. A false BTC address is automatically
rejected and only 1 at a time can be in circulation.

Money is nothing without the network behind it.
Like a mobile phone, it is not useful, without the Verizon network.
The US Dollar has the American financial network behind it,
with the ability to force other countries to use it, such as Iraq and Libya
who were in the process of switching to a gold backed currency.
But the USA cannot keep this up for long.
China and Russia are not easily intimidated into using dollars.

It's only a matter of time before Safeway and Best Buy accept Bitcoin.
The opportunity is now, before everyone knows about it and uses it.
Store check counters can adapt to the BTC USD exchange rate
but until BTchange prices on a daily basis, which they will have to until BTC stabilizes.

However BTC can still be stolen. People have lost computers with millions in BTC.
An even better digital currency would link to an Owner Id until he voluntarily releases it.
I'm thinking of starting an escrow company, a neutral 3rd party arbiter to ensure that if
someone buys something, and it does not work, they can get their BTC back.
That would make it the ideal, theft-proof, counterfeit-proof, currency.

BTC fulfills a niche that dollars or other currencies cannot - for micro-payments.
It costs $15 to bank wire $10.

It opens markets that could not be served.
Before, I would not do a data conversion for a company in Africa, especially Nigeria,
There is too much risk of gettng a fraudulent credit card, or their doing a charge back.
But with Bitcoins, I would feel fine.

Online magazines can charge .0001BTC to read an article
without requiring a whole year subscription that people might not buy.

Digital currency is not a fad, and will rise in use along with the internet.
It has good SCI Qualities - the universal principles of success in anything:
unmanifest, consciousness-based, easy, unbounded

To get more money, we have to understand what it is.
Money is just a karmic point system - for measuring the value
of goods and services we do for others, and they for us.

Value is based on consciousness.

Some economists, like Peter Schiff, say Bitcoins don't have intrinsic value.
They say gold can be used for jewelry, electronic parts, fillings, etc.
So what? That is not necessary, to be money.

Gold is just another physical product bought with money,
as measured by a non-physical (but existent) point system.
If a gold asteroid hit the Earth, then gold would lose its rareness.

There is no need for anything physical, metal or paper to be money.
The closer to unmanifest consciousness the better.

Likewise, we are not just our physical bodies.
We are unbounded, universal, eternal consciousness, pure Being.

Money is based on the Law of Karma.
As we do for others, so they do for us.
The Law of Karma is a universal law of nature.
The Cosmic Computer takes care of all karmic transactions.

What we purchase (houses, cars, food) is physical.
But the measurement unit is non-physical, as consciousness.
Digital currency exists at the finest relative of the physicsl

Money has to be a point system that can't be counterfeited
or messed with, either by criminals or the state.
The Federal Reserve creates $8.5 billion per month from nothing.
The Fed distorts the dollars, for the benefit of a few,
and makes it not good as money for the rest of us.

Only digital encrypted currency best fulfills that requirement.

If we want to get a lot of money (a store the value of goods)
We only have to give a lot of money - a lot of value to the universe.
The Cosmic Computer karmic block chain will make sure we are compensated.

Money = GKN
GKN = Good Karma Numbers
There is a problem in measuring GKN in USD
because a small group of people has control over making them from nothing, without really doing any Good Karma. The USD and The Fed are widely criticized.
So we are transitioning to a new system BTC, which cannot be counterfeited or manipulated.
It is based on the Internet, which is changing many things, such as the way we send letters, get the news, and buy things such from music to airline tickets.
During the transition, the first to get on board will realize a great return, without having to do much GK.

Money should not have an intrinsic value.
It only needs to measure things of intrinsic value
It has to be something non-physical that cannot counterfeited, fudged, or manipulated.