Fix for BitRaam Wallet

Solutions to problems

This will be permanently fixed in the next version of BitRaam 4.0

Fix for "No block source available..."

We have noticed that, especially for first time installations, some BitRaam Wallets give a message saying: "No block source available..."

1. Start your BitRaam wallet and mining program

2. Select the Console tab

3. Type: addnode "" add

   (A memory aid for this is that Pi = 3.1415) = IP

    Check with getaddednodeinfo false

4. It should then synchronize

In Windows 10, open port 31415

If not, here are other nodes you can try:

Then, the wallet should say "Synchronizing with network..."

BitRaam Nodes

You can find working nodes at   

You can COPY and PASTE the following line by line.  Quotes are optional.

addnode "" add
addnode "" add
addnode "" add 
addnode "" add
addnode "" add 
addnode "" add
addnode "" add 
addnode "" add 
addnode "" add
addnode "" add
addnode "" add

Seed node
Seed node IP
Slovakia Telecom
Dallas, Texas
Matawan NJ,
Canada, OVH Systems
US, Michigan, Mojohost
US, Buffalo, ColoCrossing

Check with
    getaddednodeinfo false

Note: The new port is like the value of Pi 3.1415
The old port 41255 is no longer used as it had a conflict.

Windows / DOS troubleshooting commands

Start, CMD to get to DOS window

netstat -ab

look in NetStat_ab.txt for

 TCP 10.0.0.YourIP: 52181  SYN_SET

TCP 10.0.0.YourIP:52183 SYN_SENET